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5 Things that will change in Ramadan 2020 due to Coronavirus

Ramadan 2020: The planet is going through a global shutdown, and the length of this situation is still unclear.

We will also be prepared to observe another month of Ramadan 2020 this year.

1. The prayers and Lockdown

This year, Muslims would be prohibited from praying in mosques. Congregational services are also prohibited in the Gulf countries, as people’s meetings are not strictly encouraged these days.

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2. No I’tikaf within mosques during Ramadan 2020

As the mosques would be kept closed during Ramadan 2020, people would not be able to observe the i’tikaf in their local mosques. But women will still be able to conduct i’tikaf prayers because they observe most of the religious prayers in their homes.

3. There won’t be any Social Gatherings

Even, people are not going to be able to hold meetings and eat with their families and relatives. Shopping with Eid will also have an effect. After seeing the moon, we would not be able to visit our relatives in order to congratulate them on Ramadan 2020.

4. 27th Ramadan

27th Ramadan during coronavirus

27 Ramadan, which is the night of blessings, will not be as usual as it was. In the midst of a lockdown to stay socially isolated, lightening or sermons in homes or in mosques would not be necessary.

5. The Taraweeh Prayers

The Taraweeh prayers in Ramazan

As far as the ban on congregational prayers is concerned, Taraweeh’s prayers will also not remain intact. However, “Taraweeh” in Ramadan 2020, which is a special evening prayer, will not be observed in the mosques.
We may also say that we are going to celebrate another Eid day this year, too. The infectious viral pandemic has changed our lives in all the ways we can’t forecast the future.

We must be prepared for the unpredictables as there is currently no cure and drugs for coronavirus.

We are suggested to seek Allah’s mercy to get through these difficult times.

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