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Amaal And Duas You Need To Recite On Shab-E-Baraat

When the 7th month of the Islamic calendar of Rajab comes to an end, the 8th month of the lunar calendar begins, this month is called Shabaan.

The significance, it is believed, lies in the 15th night of this month, known in the Arab world as Laila-tul-Bara’ah or Laila-tul-nisfe-min-Shaban. The night is what we call Shab-e-Baraat in Pakistan and India.

1- How to perform Salatul Tasbih (The prayer of forgiveness)

You have to make intention for 4 rakaat, nafal or Salatul Tasbih to please Allah and then start your namaz in the normal way. After reciting the Sanaa, the recitation of Tasbih needs to be done 15 times – The Tasbih here is: “Subhanallahi Wal Hamdulillahi Walaa Ilaaha Illallahu Wallahu Akbar”, before you continue with your namaz.

After that, you need to recite Ta’wwuz (Auzubillah) Tasmiyah (Bismillah) and Surah-e-Fatiha, along with one more Surah. When you’re done with this, recite the Tasbih again 10 times. While in Ruku, recitation of the Tasbih is again done 10 times. When you’re standing straight, after Ruku, as you say ‘Sami Allahu Liman Hamida Rabbana Walakal Hamd’, it too must be followed by Tasbih 10 times.

While in Sajdah, the Tasbih should be recited again, 10 times. When you are sitting straight from Sajdah, in the position of Iftirash, the Tasbih is to be repeated 10 times again – repeat the cycle in the second Sajdah. The other 3 rakaats are to be followed in the same pattern for the complete Salatul Tasbih.

Note: Every rakaat should have Tasbih at least 75 times.

2- Praying 100 rakaat Nafil on Shab-e-Baraat

Praying 100 Nafils on the Holy night of Shab-E-Baraat with a special technique is bound to bring forgiveness and blessings alike. In every rakaat, Surah-e-Fatiha should be recited once, while Surah-e-Ikhlas should be recited 10 times. Which means for everyone Surah-e-Fatiha in a rakaat, one must recite Surah-e-Ikhlas 10 times.

The person who goes through with this namaz of 100 nafils will be saved from hell-fire, blessed in the world and his sins will be pardoned by Allah Almighty.

3- Dua-e-nisf-e-Shabaan-al-Muazzam

dua shab e barat

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