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Artist Writes The Holy Quran with Gold on Silk Pages In Three Years

People have been awarded with incredible skills. Things that could leave us shocked. A unique art has been given to a Muslim painter who spent about three years writing the Holy Quran with Gold on Silk Pages.

Tunzale Memmedzade is a painter from Azerbaijan. She spent three years devoting her precious time to rewriting the Quran with gold on the pages of silk. This was a tough task, but the outcome is worth watching.

She studied the whole process of rewriting the Holy Quran, and then started her own project of rewriting the Quran in a beautiful way.

It was noted that the Holy Quran was written on different things, as a woman spent 32 years writing the Quran by her hand and a man wrote the whole Holy Quran on Egg, but Tunzale had found that no one ever wrote it on silk, so she did it.

She copied the version of the Quran from Diyanet, the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, in order to use it as the main source. She took the finest blue silk the canvas was 11.4′′ x 13′′, about 164 feet.

People called this version of the Quran a masterpiece. During this process, no laws of the Quran were violated. It’s just a copy of the original Quran.


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