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Do You Need Make Wudhu Before Reading Quran In Smartphone?

Reading Quran Your smartphone is very popular these days, but are you expected to make wudhu or take a phone in the toilet? We’ve answered all these questions.

Make sure you keep these 3 points in mind when reading the Quran on your smartphone.

Reading quran in smartphone


Everybody is aware that we, as Muslims, are not permitted to use the Holy Quran without getting wudhu in the first place.

According to the teachings of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our four Imams (RA), and believed by various scholars, this has been written to the locals of Yemen;

“No one should touch the Quran except who is taahir”

In those specific circumstances where you are just only changing the position of the Holy Quran, you must first cover it up with a piece of cloth. Mushaf should not be taken inside the toilet.


The law is distinct from that of Mushaf. You’re allowed to touch it if you haven’t done wudu. You’re also allowed to take it inside the toilet,

but the Quran application shouldn’t be opened on that mobile phone at that time. The explanation behind this is that its writing is not the same as that of the Mushaf.

The cycle consists of certain waves which are obtained and disappear.

Sometimes, the letters are also special. A cell phone maintains several other apps along with the Holy Quran app.

We are permitted to touch the screen of our mobile phone displaying the verses of the Quran.

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The recitation of the Holy Quran can also be performed with the aid of our minds. In such a scenario, wudhu is not required.

We may also recite it without getting a wudu when someone else keeps the Quran. However, the person must not be in the state of sexual impurity or “Junab” and must have followed a bath, i.e. ghusl, in order to be clean.

It is also recommended that we be pure from our memories when we engage in it.


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