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Meesha Shafi Wants to Date Cricket Babar Azam? Singer breaks the silence of the rumors

Popular singer Meesha Shafi took to the social media on Monday and broke her silence on the reports that she wanted to date Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam.

The batsman’s Instagram fan page posted a photo of the singer and the cricketer side by side. In addition, the picture’s caption hinted at the latter’s love for the Karachi Kings Star Batsman.

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“I always stick to the TV when he’s beating, and when he gets out, I turn off my TV,” read the post, adding, “I’d love to date him, I just love him,” read the Instagram article.

The singer Zalima Coca Cola Pila De then went to Instagram and closed the fake news with a bang.

“I don’t know who this is and why it exists,” she wrote. She went on to say, “It makes little sense, 100 per cent concocted out of thin air. This quotation has been fabricated.”

meesha shafi

In addition, the model also tagged Instagram and asked the actress to take down the message. She had refrained from reflecting on the matter further.

meesha shafi instagram

How can anyone make such false claims? The kind of rumors in which these celebs get tangled are clearly ridiculous.


It is worth noting here that Shafi is married to a Pakistani guitarist and a former member of the Lahore rock band Overload, Mahmood Rahman. In addition, the couple also has two adorable children, a daughter and a son.

On the other hand, the Azam, who plays Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League and Central Punjab captains in domestic cricket, is currently single. More so there’s hardly been any dating gossip about him.

Recently, the renowned cricketer responded to a suggestion to develop his English language skills. “I’m a cricketer, it’s my job to play cricket. I’m not a ‘gora,’ who knows English absolutely. Yes, I’m working on it but you’re learning these stuff over a period of time, you can’t learn all of a sudden,” he said.


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