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Recent study shows smartphone addiction as bad as drug addiction

Smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction does what drug addiction or substance abuse does for your brain, German researchers in their recent study revealed.

Without smartphones it is nearly impossible to fathom a day in this age. Smartphones have replaced many things in our lives, whether you need it to function as an alarm clock, a calendar, a messaging service or to get your daily news.

However, a alarming result has come from a recent study that says smartphone addiction should be taken seriously. Published in the journal Addictive Behavior, it states that smartphone addiction is doing what narcotics and other drugs are doing to the brain.

German professors based at Heidelberg University used 48-people brain MRI scans, of which 22 participants were phone-addicted while the others were not. A comparison found that those suffering from a smartphone addiction experienced a similar change in their brain size and density to those suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction.

The grey matter was one of the areas of the brain that got affected. It’s responsible for control of speech, cognition, emotions, sight and self-control.


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