Twins Want to get pregnant at the same time with one boyfriend

Well, there is alot of pressure on Ben

Meet Anna and Lucy De Cinque of Perth, Australia. The twin sisters not only have the same birthdays and looks but they are also in a relationship with the same partner–a guy named Ben Byrne that they met online back in 2012. Soon after that, the three of them fell in love and were fast approaching the present, and now both Anna and Lucy want to marry him and get pregnant at the same time.

However, despite their decision, getting married to two people at the same time is against Australia’s law so their dream wedding won’t happen anytime soon. As for their pregnancy plans, well, the law has nothing to say about it so it is still a go for the trio.

The girls revealed, in an interview:

Our mum actually convinces us to go naturally, to give birth naturally – so we do not know how that’s going to work because at the same time we would need to be pregnant.

That will be a different challenge. I think it’s all up to Ben. There is a lot of pressure on Ben.

So yes, Anna and Lucy not only want the same appearance – they have boob modification and other cosmetic surgeries together – but at the same time they want to experience the same milestones.


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